The Charcutertree Trend Is Here Just In Time For The Holidays

I hope that charcuterie boards never stop trending. They look absolutely amazing, and the trend keeps branching out to new ideas, like the Charcutertree!

Photo Credit: thepepperedpearco

Charcutertree Boards

Essentially, the Charcutertree is a festive take on regular charcuterie boards, but in the shape of an actual Christmas tree!

Photo Credit: themodernhostlife

Whether you choose to use special holiday food, or just normal appetizers, just making these in the shape of the tree will take your party up a notch!

Photo Credit: thegrazinghoneybee

But make sure you make some form of a star on top of the board! You have to complete the look for sure!

Photo Credit: thatcheeseplate

Using items as garland or ornaments would pull the entire look in as well! But the best part, is that whether you go simplistic or all out, this is sure to be a hit regardless!

Photo Credit: socalmoms

If you decide to make a Charcutertree, be sure to tag us and let us see your creation! And if you are looking for other amazing charcuterie board ideas, check out our Charcutercopia and Chilicuterie boards too!

Photo Credit: charityleaf

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