We Are Finally Getting A Starbucks Lavender Latte And I Am Ecstatic

I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE Lavender Lattes. I worked for Starbucks for over a decade and was constantly disappointed that we didn’t have my favorite flavor.

UNTIL NOW! Starbucks has finally revealed that they are releasing a line of Lavender themed drinks coming up next month and I don’t think anyone is more excited than me! Starbucks Lavender Lattes are finally coming!

Starbucks Lavender Lattes 

The three new drinks being featured are:

  • Iced Lavender Oatmilk Matcha 
  • Lavender Creme Frappuccino 
  • Iced Lavender Oatmilk Latte

And obviously, now that the flavor exists, you can add it to any existing Starbucks drinks available!

Photo Credit: markie_devo

There will also be some new snacks releasing, such as Siete Kettle Chips, Lime Grain-Free Tortilla Chips, Skinny Dipped Dark Chocolate Cocoa Almonds, and Lemon Bliss Almonds! And of course, there will be a new round of Stanley Cups again, which thankfully, is not my thing. 

Which of these new drinks are you going to try first! And if you haven’t give a Lavender Latte a chance yet, I promise it’s not scary! I love them!

Photo Credit: markie_devo

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