Calling Squid Games Fans: You Can Now Purchase Dalgona Candy

If you’re a Squid Games fan like me, odds are, you’ve imagined how you would survive each of the games. Well now, you can purchase Dalgona candy to test that theory!

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How To Purchase Dalgona Candy

These Dalgona Candy Kits have been spotted at Costco for less than $12! This gives you the chance to test your tracing skills. They don’t have an online purchase option yet, so you will have to search in store to snag one of these!

Photo Credit: i_suckatjavascript (Reddit)

All I ask, is if you decide to lick the cookie, please don’t show us your tin afterwards. After watching Squid Games: The Challenge, I can’t think about that challenge without imagining all of the liquid floating around in the players tins. Yuck.

Photo Credit: i_suckatjavascript (Reddit)

There are 8 of these candies in each box, but it does say that the shape variation is randomized by box. So you could get 2 of each shape, or you could get 8 horrid umbrella. So you may want to buy more than one box!

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If you ask me, I think the triangle is technically the easiest, even though most are saying it’s the circle that is the easiest. I guess I’m going to have to go out and purchase Dalgona kits to find out for myself!

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