Charcutercopia Is The Newest Charcuterie Board Trend Just In Time For Thanksgiving

This is a trend I will never get tired of. It started with Charcuterie boards, then Chilicuterie, and now…Charcutercopia! 

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Charcutercopia Boards

It may be a mouthful to say at first, but this new take on the charcuterie board is perfect for Thanksgiving this year!

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You can either take a decorative cornucopia to use for your board, or make one yourself, sculpting crescent roll dough around tin foil that has been shaped like a cornucopia, and cooking it! If you want to construct it from scratch, I suggest checking out Dietz & Watson! They have a complete recipe guide on how to make your own bread cornucopia and how to put a board together!

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Then, fill the cornucopia with fruits or other easy to grab foods, and fill the remainder of the board with any foods you want!

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Whether you’re having a Friendsgiving or a Thanksgiving meal, this would be the talk of the party if you had a Charcutercopia at your event!

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We would love to see your creativity this holiday! Send us some pictures if you decide to make one!

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