This Starbucks Green Drink is Sure To Make Your Day A Little Bit Sweeter

I was a Starbucks barista for over 10 years! I’ve worked at many locations, and have come up with ALL sorts of concoctions over the years! I took the extensive training to become a Tea and Coffee Master, participated in the Barista Championship, and much more!

One of the first posts I made about my own Starbucks creations, starting with the Starbucks Green Drink, turned a lot of heads, leading me to a blogging career of sharing my drinks! This is my new platform to do so on, along with other fun blogs and articles you’ll want to read!

The first of my rainbow drinks that I created was my Starbucks Green Drink! A simple little twist on a regular Starbucks Green Tea Latte goes a long way!

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How To Order The Starbucks Green Drink

Start by ordering an Iced Grande Green Tea Latte.

Ask for your latte to be made with coconut milk instead of the standard 2%.

Add 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder. (You can order less scoops if you are watching your sugar intake, but 2 is what tastes the best!)

Ask for the drink to be extra shaken, and then you are good to go! This is a fun little twist on an already amazing drink and has definitely become a fan favorite!

Photo Credit: Starbucks

Fun Fact: When the Green Tea Latte first came out, they were not added to the shaker at all. The matcha powder would be added to the top of the drink and then swirled! A lot of customers still prefer this practice, but the standard now is to add all of the ingredients to a shaker, which works in our favor for this drink, having the added powders.

So screenshot the recipe post below and get ready for more amazing drinks coming your way!

Photo Credit: Starbucks

THe Starbucks Green Drink

  • Iced Grande Green Tea Latte
  • Coconut Milk
  • 2 scoops Vanilla Bean Powder
  • Extra Shaken

If you would like to order this in a Tall size, use only one scoop of vanilla bean powder. For a Venti, you’ll ask for 3. Otherwise, the recipe stays the same!

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If you try out this drink, be sure to tag @thechaoticnorm on Instagram so we can see your amazing drinks!

Photo Credit: Starbucks

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