You Can Get The New Barbie Starbucks Refresher: Here’s How!

It’s hard to go anywhere without hearing about the new Barbie movie! With it being another billion dollar box office movie, it’s safe to say it has quickly become a fan favorite!

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We wanted to create a feel-good Starbucks Refresher to grab on your way to see the movie, or even just to hang out with friends! This summery feel-good movie needs a drink to go along with it!

This Barbie Refresher will get you energized and refreshed at the same time!

Just be sure to grab our recipe below to order this drink, because this is our personal recipe and not an actual Starbucks recipe! This is what is considered part of the “Starbucks Secret Menu“, which is only ever a secret to the baristas themselves, so please be sure to give them the proper recipe below instead of just asking for a “Barbie Refresher”. This is our personal recipe, not Starbucks’s so the name and recipe was given to this drink by us!

To order the Barbie Refresher, you will start by asking for a Venti Pink Drink.

Then ask for 2 scoops of vanilla bean powder to be added, as well as a splash of peach juice.

Barbie Starbucks Refresher

Hope you enjoy! Let us know what you think! And keep an eye out for more blog posts headed your way on The Chaotic Norm with more drink recipes!

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