5 Ways To Use Palo Santo Essential Oils For A Healthier Life

I’ve recently started a journey of figuring out how to actually (and properly) use my essential oils that have been collecting dust on my shelf. And today, we look into Palo Santo Essential Oils!

I have been working on replacing all of the items in my home with more natural products, and essential oils have been a huge help with that!

I’ve had the Palo Santo essential oil sitting on my shelf for MONTHS and haven’t even opened it. At first smell, it seriously smells like earthy licorice…if that can be a proper explanation! That is definitely a scent you have to get used to, but once I read all of its healthy properties, I was on board.

Palo Santo essential oils  can be incredibly beneficial to your body, so we have compiled a list of 5 amazing ways it can help support your healthy living lifestyle!

Palo Santo Essential Oil Uses

1. Immune Defenses

Palo Santo is known to support your immune defenses, which can be incredibly helpful during the flu and cold season! Diffusing this in your home can help prepare your body for any germs that may attempt to attack you.

2. Detoxing

Eat too much junk food? Getting over being sick? Palo Santo can help detox your body and get all the yucky stuff to go away!

3. Centering Your Body

This oil can be used for meditation and yoga purposes to help center your body and bring a fullness to your morning routine. Start you day zen style!

4. Destressing

I don’t think there’s anyone who doesn’t need to destress. Life is pretty rough right now. So diffuse this bad boy in your home to bring overall peace, or even dab some on your wrists to give yourself some calm on the go!

5. Relieve Sore Muscles and Joints

Had an extensive workout? Pulled something getting out of bed? No matter what’s causing you aches and pains, Palo Santo is known to help relieve those daily aches and pains!

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The fact that ALL of these suggestions are areas that I need help with, had me kicking myself! I’ve started diffusing this around the house with some of my other oils and have realized I actually am totally ok with how Palo Santo essential oils smells, especially when mixed with things like Valor and Stress Away!

I’ve already started using this on my sore joints to give myself some relief and have started seeing an actual difference. I also feel a sense of calm when diffusing it. So this may be joining the ranks as a new favorite oil! Gold star for me, for actually doing my research!

What oils are your favorite to use and why? Let us know what has helped you on your journey so far!

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