Here’s To the Emotional Support Dogs We Found In Our 20s

Life in your twenties can be a rollercoaster…one you can’t seem to get off of. You get your first taste of being an adult, making ends meet financially, breakups, figuring yourself out, and everything in between.

Amidst the craziness, a lot of us ended up with an emotional support dog. I thought it was just a me thing, but after scrolling through many hours of TikTok, I have realized that the amount of people that ended up finding an emotional support dog in their 20s is actually quite high!

So what brought on the decision to add raising a puppy/dog to your list of many stressors? For me, it was a very bad and messy breakup. I was exactly 20 years old, just broke off an engagement and had a very large emotional hole to fill.

Next thing I know, I’m scrolling through Craigslist, looking at abandoned puppies that needed a home. They were sad and alone, I was sad and alone, it only made sense. Suddenly, I’m meeting up with someone in a parking lot and being handed a 6 week old fluff-ball that would forever change the course of my life.

Now, I am in no way saying that this is for everyone. Some people just don’t have the time, money, or patience to deal with a brand new pet. It’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. You’re now faced with a large responsibility, potty training, vet visits, training, and more. It definitely was not an easy time for me, but it was beyond worth it.

If you are going through a hard time and feel the need for companionship, a dog may be a smart investment. Rather than bounce through relationships or go out partying late at night, the nice cozy alternative is snuggling up at home with your rescue pup and just enjoying your time.

My dog was my whole world. I spent all of my free time with her. We cuddled at night. I vented to her, cried to her, and truly felt like she was the only good thing I had going on for some time. And she is honestly the reason I am still here today. I hit a depression so deep that I contemplated ending my life, and that dog is what kept me going. It may sound silly to some, but she is honestly is the only thing that got me through that time in my life and I will forever be grateful.

I am no longer 20. I am now 34. I am now married. I have two children. And she has been there every single step of the way. Every single up and down. Every pregnancy, hospital visit, anxiety attack, depression spiral, late nights with the babies, she was there.

She is now rounding the age of 14 and my heart is bursting with a mixture of love, joy, pain, and fear. She has lived a very comfortable and loved life. I just don’t know how it’s going to be possible when it’s finally time to let her go after all that we’ve been through. Especially with my children having such an attachment to her as well.

I say all of this, with the hope of not scaring you from the thought of getting an emotional support dog. I have had fourteen AMAZING years with her, and I cannot believe how I would have made it in this world without her. She was such a necessity in my life for my mental health and I owe her everything for it.

Your emotional support dog becomes more than just a pet; they become a lifeline of emotional support and unwavering love. Through the ups and downs of some of the hardest years of your life, your dog offers stability, stress relief, and a constant reminder to cherish the present. In embracing the responsibilities of dog ownership, you find an enduring source of emotional support that shapes your journey into adulthood.

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