Chobani Has Released Their New Seasonal Creamers And I Need Every Single One

I’m over summer. I was over summer before it began. So seeing fall appear in stores has me giddy!!!

Leave it to Chobani to release some TOP NOTCH seasonal flavors that I cannot WAIT to get my hands on!

Photo Credit: Chobani

Chobani Seasonal Flavors

Of course, the coveted Pumpkin Spice flavor is here. It is by far the fan favorite of fall. But my jaw DROPPED when I saw the new flavor…

Photo Credit: @hyvee

Maple Glazed Donut. Are you kidding me? I didn’t even know I wanted this and know I know of it’s existence it’s a necessity.

Photo Credit: @heb_obsessed

I mean, it makes sense…coffee and doughnuts. They’re meant to be together. So this creamer just feels like a game changer for me.

Photo Credit: @candyhunting

And for you Christmas fanatics, they’ve already released their peppermint mocha flavor as well!

Photo Credit: @candyhunting

Which flavor are you most excited to grab this season? 

Photo Credit: @candyhunting

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