Animal Crossing Lego Sets Are Set To Release in 2024

I cannot contain my excitement over this! I was a little late to the Animal Crossing craze, but now that I am on board, this is amazing news!

Photo Credit: Nintendo

According to @exabrickslegogo_, an account known for leaking future Lego sets, there are 5 different Animal Crossing sets that are scheduled to release in March 2024!

Unfortunately, there are no pictures leaked of these sets, but just knowing about their existence has me excited! 

They do have the set list numbers along with their prices and the amount that each set will cost. So that’s at least something to prepare you!

Photo Credit: @exabrickslegogo_

The types of sets that our coming our way are left up to our imagination for now, but I’m guessing the Airport, Nook’s Cranny, Able Sisters, Museum, and Town Hall have all got to be in the works!

Photo Credit: Nintendo

Rumors are already starting to float around that Zelda is going to follow these releases! One can hope! Keep an eye out on The Chaotic Norm for updates!

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