These Creative 2023 Halloween Costumes Are Expected To Be The Fan Favorites This Year

Summer is ending, so of course that means that Halloween is here! Or at least, we wish. Autumn is by far my favorite season and I cannot wait for it to begin! Now we just need the weather to cool down…

It’s never too early to start searching for the perfect Halloween costume, so we’ve done some research and are ready to help! Here are the top picks for 2023 costumes to give you a bit of a head start on choosing your options!

2023 Halloween Costume Ideas

Super Mario Bros Movie Characters

With the new Super Mario Bros Movie coming out this year, it’s safe to say we will be seeing a lot of families and kids dressed as the beloved Mario characters from Mario to Peach, and Bowser to Toad. There are so many characters to choose from that it’s safe to say we’ll see a few around!

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Wednesday Addams 

Even though Wednesday came out on Netflix last year, it is still such a huge hit that Wednesday merchandise, clothes, and costumes are all popping up everywhere. All I know, is that I want to see the iconic dance from anyone wearing this costume!

Photo Credit: CandyRosesShop

The Little Mermaid CHaracters

With the new live action Little Mermaid release, I am sure we will be seeing many Little Mermaid costumes this year! Not only will we be seeing the new, live action look of Ariel, Ursula, Triton and more, but the original beloved classic costumes as well! When it comes to Disney, it’s always a safe bet that they’re costumes will be high ranked!

Photo Credit: Party City

Bluey Characters

This beloved children’s show (that we ALL know is for the parents too) has taken the world by storm. As it has grown in popularity, so has the desire for more Bluey products to be available. And that’s going to most definitely include Halloween costumes!

Photo Credit: MommyKCrochetByKris

Barbie Costumes

This one is a given. Barbie costumes are popular EVERY year, but with the release of the new Barbie movie, it’s easy to believe this will be the number one costume this year. This one can take many different routes. You can dress as a specific character from the Barbie movie, or you can pick any of the decades of Barbie outfits to wear for your costume!

Photo Credits: Spirit Halloween/Warner Bros.

Eddie Munson

The Eddie Munson costumes were popping up like CRAZY last year, so you would think we wouldn’t be seeing them as much this year. Buuuuuut you can think again. Apparently, the Eddie Munson costumes are still expected to be in the top ten this year. It could be because it’s an easy costume to pull off, or simply because of the beloved character. Either way, I’m totally ok with it!

Photo Credit: Netflix

Queen charlotte: Bridgerton

With Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story releasing on Netflix, you can only imagine the many takes on her costumes that we will see. I also won’t be surprising to see many original Bridgerton costumes floating around as well. This series, as well as Queen Charlotte specifically, has made a huge impact in pop culture. So why not express your love for the show through a Halloween Costume?

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Photo Credit: Netflix

No matter what you choose to dress up as for Halloween, as long as you have fun and stay safe, that’s all that matters. We hope that our list of 2023 costume trends has helped you make a decision as to what your plans are this year!

Think we missed an amazing costume option? Let us know in the comments!

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