This Tulle Christmas Tree Trend Is Absolutely Gorgeous 

I am about all things Christmas, all the time.  And now that the Christmas season is here, I can share everything that is gorgeous and amazing about this season!

Photo Credit: yfmag

Tulle Christmas Tree Trend

This Tulle Christmas Tree Trend is one of the most gorgeous things I have seen. There is something enchanting about it, as though it’s made for a Princess. I know that my daughter would love this!

Photo Credit: charmainedulak

The best part? You can still put ornaments, lights, and other decorations on these trees, thanks to the mesh. You can turn this into a D.I.Y. project or purchase these in stores or online!

Photo Credit: MarshmallowCreations

My personal favorite is this emerald green style. It’s my favorite color, fits the Christmas theme perfectly, and has such an elegance to it. Though, I have to admit there’s something regal about the white tulle trees as well. 

Photo Credit: BestiesBoutiqueChic

There are so many styling options I have seen with this trend from glitter to bows, doll heads (no thanks), to cut out snowflakes! The creativity that goes along with the already creative design of the tree great!

Photo Credit: MarshmallowCreations

If this is a trend that you have tried or are planning to try, send us pictures! We would love to see your take on this Tulle Christmas Tree Trend!

Photo Credit: PeoniesAndCoAtelier 

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