This Starbucks Andes Mint Cold Brew Is The Perfect Drink To Get You In The Christmas Spirit

Ready to not, it’s Christmas time, and this Starbucks Andes Mint Cold Brew is the perfect drink to bring on that Christmas Spirit!

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I came up with this recipe a few years ago and it was a HUGE hit at our store! So grab our recipe card below and try it for yourself!

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Starbucks Andes Mint Cold Brew

You’ll start by ordering a Cold Brew (any size). You’ll then ask for Vanilla Sweet Cream cold foam with a pump of Peppermint added to the cold foam. (For any size)

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Next, you’ll ask for Mocha and White Mocha Sauce to be added:

  • Tall: 1 pump of each
  • Grande: 2 pumps of each
  • Venti: 3 pumps of each
  • Trenta: 3 pumps of each

If your store carries the Chocolate Curls, you can get those on top as well!

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Starbucks Andes Mint Cold Brew

  • Cold Brew (any size)
  • Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Foam
  • 1 pump Peppermint in foam
  • Mocha Sauce (see sizing chart)
  • White Mocha Sauce (see sizing chart)
  • Chocolate Curls Topping (optional) 

What other Christmas drinks are you hoping to see us create? Let us know! And be sure to check out our Peppermint Patty Cold Brew as well!

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