You Can Get Little Debbie Candles To Make Your Home Smell Magical

Little Debbie Candles are a dream come true. If you didn’t grow up having Little Debbie pastries as treats in your lunchbox or at home, you were missing out! I still occasionally get them for nostalgic purposes, or to give my kids a special treat!

Now your home can bring on that nostalgic scent of any of your favorite Little Debbie snacks without the calories! These are available in both the regular flavors, as well as the seasonal favorites!

Photo Credit: GooseCreek

Little Debbie Candles

They really didn’t leave any flavors out with this! My childhood favorite was always cosmic brownies, so I was happy to see that at the top of the list of these Little Debbie Candles! It’s noted to have the rich chocolatey aroma of sweet fudgy brownies with prominent scents of sweet chocolate, fudge brownies, and candied chocolate!

Photo Credit: GooseCreek

There’s also my favorite seasonal treat, Pumpkin Delights. I’m currently stocking up on these before they disappear from stores again! This has the aroma of caramelized, naturally sweet pumpkin and a blend of cinnamon, clove spices! Fall candles are my favorite! They also have this in the Fall Party Cakes scent!

Photo Credit: GooseCreek

If you’re already ready for the Christmas season, they have both the Christmas Tree Cakes and Christmas Tree Brownies candles to bring the holiday spirit straight to your home! I am more partial to the Christmas Tree Cakes myself, but I wouldn’t be opposed to both of these in candle form!

Photo Credit: GooseCreek

There are far too many options to post them all, but you can also get a candle in these other Little Debbie scents:

  • Oatmeal Cream Pies
  • Honey Buns
  • Nutty Buddy
  • Strawberry Shortcake Rolls
  • Zebra Cakes
  • Swiss Rolls
  • Fudge Rounds
Photo Credit: GooseCreek

Each of these candles are 14.5 ounces, made with essential oils, and come with 3 wicks! You can find these at the GooseCreek website! They appear to be limited edition so be sure to stock up on these while you have the chance!

Photo Credit: GooseCreek

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