6 Incredibly Helpful Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oils 

Today I am covering helpful ways to use lavender essential oils! This is one of my MOST used oils! From the second I started using essential oils, lavender has been my go-to for SO much stuff!

If you’re just now joining us, welcome! I am working my way through all of the essential oils on my shelf to figure out how to use them as a true benefit to myself! This is much better than all of them collecting dust, which isn’t very helpful…it makes my asthma worse. So keep reading and see the 6 different ways to use Lavender Essential Oils!

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Helpful Ways To Use Lavender Essential Oils

1. Sleep Aid

As someone who has struggled SEVERELY with falling asleep AND staying asleep, lavender has become a godsend for me. Diffusing it and applying it to my wrists each night has given me such a drastic change in my quality of sleep.

2. Relaxation

This kind of coincides with sleeping, but Lavender Essential Oils are also great if you just need to wind down or relax. It’s a great use during meditation, journaling, reading, and more!

3. Sore Muscles

Crazy workout? Cramped up at a desk? Lavender can help! Just dab a couple of drops on the affected areas and you’re good to go! These all seem to intertwine, because it’s not only relaxing your mind, but your body too!

4. Supports Healthy Skin and Hair

Now let’s take that relaxation tactic after the hair and skin. Got a pimple? Dab some lavender on it and watch it stop swelling. It calms down blemishes, hair frizz, and all outward physical things you’d rather not have! It’s also known to heal burns and cuts!

5. Bug Repellant

If you live in an area full of bugs, you’re sure to have some form of bug repellent on you at all times. Lavender is one that is very good for making those pesky bugs go away! If you DO get bit by a bug, lavender also works as an anti-itch agent!

7. Lessens Menstrual Symptoms

We’re back to the relaxing element. If you suffer from brutal period cramps, dab some of this on your abdomen to reduce some of the pain you’re experiencing. Apply to the forehead to lessen the pain of headaches as well!

We hope that these different ways to use lavender essential oils will help you! With THAT many benefits, it’s safe to say, this will forever be a staple on my oils shelf! What do you use Lavender for?

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