9 Unique Harry Potter – Hogwarts Party Ideas That Are Magical

A Hogwarts birthday was a dream of mine…at the age of 33. Call me a late bloomer. But I did desperately want to have a birthday party of my own, so much so that I was constantly saving Hogwarts Party Ideas!

I was lucky enough to get to experience it when I walked into my home for my 34th birthday to my very first surprise birthday party and it was entirely Hogwarts themed, just as I had dreamed! The only thing that was missing was my husband dressed as Snape. (Maybe someday)

Despite having my own a Harry Potter themed birthday party, I continue to collect ideas in case I ever need to host one for a fellow Potterhead. I’ve decided to share my finds and ideas with you as well! So look no further because here are ideas for your next Harry Potter inspired party!

Harry Potter – Hogwarts Party Ideas

Sorting Hat Cupcakes

There are SO many choices when it comes to the bakery centerpiece for your party. I personally have some emerald green Slytherin cakes saved for myself. But as a whole, I think that these Sorting Hat Cupcakes are so clever and cute! It gives a new element of surprise to the party, and everyone will be grabbing a cupcake to find out what their mysterious Hogwarts house will be!

Photo Credit: LittleSugarSnaps

The Owlery

This would be geared more towards a children’s party, but you better bet if there is an “Adopt an Owl” section at any party I’m at, I’m gonna get one. You could even turn this into a magical creatures section with all sorts of different animals from the Wizarding World Franchise! You can also find a friend that loves to crochet to make adorable crocheted creatures for you!

Photo Credit: CatchMyParty

Anything Off The Trolley Dears?

Having a moveable trolley with candy from the Harry Potter franchise would be absolutely amazing! Stock up on Chocolate Frogs and Butter Beers to pass around while saying the iconic phrase! Having a mobile snack station has its own list of perks as it is, but add some magic to it, and it’s a necessity!

Photo Credit: ColorTheMoon

Butterbeer Jello-O Shots

This is obviously for an adult party (or hidden away for the adults at a kid’s party) There’s two types of Jello-O shots you could do here: Hogwarts House Jello-O shots where they are in all of the different house colors, or this yummy Butterbeer Jell-O shot option! Click on the link here for the recipe to make this amazing idea!

Photo Credit: Princess Pinky Girl

Golden Snitches

This is one of the things that we had at my party that I loved and it’s SO easy to make! Grab some Ferrero Rocher, add some wings and you have yourself a bunch of Golden Snitches! At least you won’t have to fly around to catch these! Delicious and easy!

Photo Credit: Cooking Classy

Flying Hogwarts Letters

I had this amazing idea done at my party as well! This can be purchased banner-style on Etsy or a fun DIY project! Having these letters flying out of your fireplace, or just around the room is a fun way to bring the series to life in your own home and make it just a smidge more magical!

Photo Credit: Etsy

Gallery Wall Portraits

Hanging these Gallery Wall Portraits will make your home magical. You can add your favorite Harry Potter characters or just decorate the walls with the many witches and wizards of Hogwarts to make it feel as if you are walking through the walls of Hogwarts. If only we could get them to move around and talk! 

Photo Credit: Etsy

Moaning Myrtle

Having Moaning Myrtle floating around somewhere in your bathroom is a necessity! We had ours popping out of the toilet but she could be anywhere! This can easily be printed or purchased!

Photo Credit: Etsy

Great Hall Floating Candles

One of the most magical things inside of the the Great Hall of Hogwarts is the floating candles that are always around. Take that magical element to the next level at your next party with some of these in your home! You can even purchase some with a wand that will light them as a remote!

You can purchase these here!

Photo Credit: Amazon

No matter what Hogwarts Party Ideas you choose to use, your next party is sure to be even more magical with any of these tips! Planning to host a Hogwarts party soon? Share your ideas and pictures with us on social media!

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