8 Unique Harry Potter Products We Love

If you’re a Potterhead like me, you are ALWAYS on the lookout for some new, amazing Harry Potter products to further your obsession! At this point, my struggle is to find more places in my house to PUT the items!

To save you the time of having to hunt for every amazing Hogwarts item that exists, I’m here to at least help you with at least a few! But be warned, you will definitely want to spend money!

Photo Credit: Box Lunch

1. Floral Hogwarts Crest Glass Mug with Lid & Spoon Set

I found this gem on the Box Lunch website. Yes, mugs are common. But the beauty of this cup, paired with the lid and spoon is just chef’s kiss. I feel like I would be afraid to even use this because of how pretty it is, but I do know that I want one badly!

You can find this cup right here!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

2. Mirror of Erised With Hooks

This one is a smidge bit more pricey but good lord is it pretty. This mirror is so regal looking while bringing Harry Potter vibes into your home without it screaming “Hogwarts”.

You can purchase the mirror here!

Photo Credit: Phoenix3dStudio 

3. Deathly Hallows Wand Holder

For those of you who know the tale of the Deathly Hallows, you know that the Elder Wand makes up part of the symbol itself. So why not complete the symbol while giving yourself a place to store your favorite wand?

You can purchase this crafted item here!

Photo Credit: AThousandCraftsShop

4. Hogwarts Character Bookmarks

These handmade bookmarks are absolutely adorable. Find your favorite comfort character from the Harry Potter series with their favorite animal in these cute cartoonish forms to help hold your reading spot! The Severus and Luna ones are my favorites!

You can purchase these handmade bookmarks here!

Photo Credit: Pottery Barn

5. Great Hall Terrarium

This beautifully crafted Great Hall Glass Terrarium is sure to make any Potterhead swoon. Whether you use it for actual plants or as a decorative piece, it is sure to start conversations!

You can purchase the terrarium here!

Photo Credit: Charmed Aroma

6. Hogwarts Castle Snow Globe Candle with Necklace 

Not only is this beautiful, but you get 3 items out of it: a snow globe, a candle, and a surprise necklace! I’ve always been a fan of surprise toys and blind bags so I am a sucker for these things! But when every necklace option is gorgeous, there’s no gambling involved!

You can purchase the snow globe here!

Photo Credit: Natrowine

7. Flourish and Blotts Booksellers Shirt

Want to don a Harry Potter shirt without it screaming Harry Potter? This beautiful Flourish and Blotts shirt is sure to grab any Potterhead’s attention while taking a more discreet approach to your obsession!

You can purchase this shirt here!

Photo Credit: MHeartsCreations

8. Harry Potter Wizard Class Cups

Everyone has their favorite class in the Wizarding World and this is such a creative way to show it off! I’m personally torn between Potions class and Care of Magical Creatures myself! But lets be honest here, I want them all!

You can purchase any or all of the cups here! 

If you think we’ve missed an exceptionally unique item that we have to see, send us a message and let us know! And keep an eye out for more Harry Potter themed posts in the future here at The Chaotic Norm!

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