You Can Get An Adorable Gingerbread Stitch Plush Just In Time For Christmas 

I am always on the lookout for cute Disney characters in full Christmas mode, and this Gingerbread Stitch Plush is an absolutely perfect option!

Photo Credit: addictedtodisneyaus

Gingerbread Stitch PLush

With a cute peppermint bow and frosting tipped ears, this Stitch is detailed so well as a little gingerbread man.

Photo Credit: toyboxleonie

This would make a great Christmas decoration or present. I’m not even a huge Stitch fan myself and it’s making me want one!

Photo Credit: themagicshopper

This Gingerbread Stitch is from the Disney Munchlings line, which is known for having adorable plushes!

Photo Credit: disneyfind

Unfortunately these can’t be purchased online other than reselling sites such as Ebay and Mercari. But it’s available in person at Disney stores, especially inside the parks. 

Photo Credit: misdreevee

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