You Can Get A Christmas Tree Butter Sculpture To Make Your Meals More Merry

I am all about Christmas all the time, and I will look for any excuse to use more Christmas themed items. That’s why this Christmas Tree Butter Sculpture is the perfect detail to add to any Christmas meal!

Photo Credit: sisadventures

CHristmas Tree Butter Sculpture

This petite butter sculpture is shaped perfectly like a Christmas tree to make buttering your rolls a bit more festive!

Photo Credit: targetfamily

The Keller brand has released these before, along with a Thanksgiving Turkey and Easter Bunny, but this Christmas Tree is by far my favorite!

Photo Credit: ispysnacks

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, these are being spotted all over the place! Be sure to check your local grocery store to see if yours are in stock! I know they’ve already been spotted in H‑E‑B!

Photo Credit: nicobellfiction

If you want to take your festivities up a notch, you can add mini M&M’s or sprinkles to the sculpture for some ornaments!

Photo Credit: wegmansforthewin

If you choose to use a Christmas Tree Butter Sculpture this year, let us know by sharing a picture on social media and tagging us! We would love to see it!

Photo Credit: eastmanpartystore

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