Chilicuterie Boards Are The Latest Party Trend To Celebrate Fall

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard of charcuterie. It has taken the party world by storm. But have you heard of the latest and greatest….the Chilicuterie Board?

Photo Credit: thecarriegabriel

CHilicuterie Boards

“Chilicuterie Boards” are the new take on the normal charcuterie boards! Take a pot of chili and add every single topping and dipping option to make it a feast!

Photo Credit: freckledkitchen

I have only seen a few ideas for this Chilicuterie Board idea so far, but it already has my mouth watering. There are so many different types of chili you can make as it is. Then add the many different toppings and sides that would normally go with chili, and you have a masterpiece in the works!

And with it being fall, this is the perfect season to test this out at any party you’re having! This would be a fun platter to set out Thanksgiving night when everyone is picking at their leftovers, or something to set out while setting up your Christmas tree! The options are endless!

Photo Credit: grazing_table_charcuterie

If you have given these Chilicuterie Boards a try already, share your inspirations with us on social media! And tell us what your favorite chili topping is!

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