These Succulent Pumpkins Are A Gorgeous Fall Trend For This Year

With fall right around the corner, I can’t help but start shopping for ALL of the decor! Fall is my favorite season and I LOVE decorating my house during this time!

I also happen to be obsessed with plants. So my jaw DROPPED when I stumbled upon these succulent pumpkins. To combine plants with pumpkins is just GENIUS and absolutely gorgeous. I seriously wish I had thought of this sooner. I want one in each room!

Photo Credit: MySucculentCorner

Succulent Pumpkins

These are popping up everywhere and appear to be available fresh and real, or in an artificial form that will last forever. But the good news, is, even if you don’t naturally have a green thumb, succulents are so easy to keep alive if you want to get the real deal!

Photo Credit: Walmart

These could also be an incredibly fun DIY project for you to do at home! Carve out a pumpkin and use it as your own planter! The options are truly endless as to what you could plant inside of pumpkins!

Photo Credit: QueenofSucculents

No matter which way you decide to buy or style them, these succulent pumpkins are sure to be the focus point of your fall decor this year! I know if I walked into someone’s house and saw one of these, it would be hard to focus on anything else!

Photo Credit: MySucculentCorner

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