These Are Some Of THe Most Beautiful Starbucks Siren Cups Throughout The Years

As someone who personally worked at Starbucks for over 10 years, I have seen a LOT of cups along the way. Cups that I fawned over, wish I had purchased, DID purchase (too many of) and more! And through all of it, the Starbucks Siren Cups are my personal favorite!

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Starbucks Siren Cups

The Starbucks Siren has been the logo for Starbucks ever since the beginning. Some of the cups can be mistaken as a regular mermaid, but the noticeable two tails will show the difference between them. Not to mention that siren is constantly luring you to buy more cups…

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This mug above is one that I personally own and has been one of my favorites for awhile. It was a Christmas release that I had to have. The simplistic scale detailing is just perfect for any mermaid lover! I hope to never have harm come to that cup because I feel like it would be hard to find again!

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I unfortunately didn’t get my hands on this cup above. This siren tail design is so beautiful and I love the mixture of the greens and gold. This was a release for Starbucks’ 50th anniversary and you better bet I am going to be hovering Mercari looking for these!

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But among all of the Starbucks Siren Cups, the Starbucks Reserve Siren Cups are seriously top tier. The iridescent and gold glass is just so beautiful I could cry. Pair it with the crown and it’s definitely meant for royalty. This will forever be on my wishlist!

Photo Credit: casetales

None of these cups are currently available in Starbucks stores due to supply and demand, but a simple search on Mercari is sure to find you one of these beautiful cups that you have missed out on.

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