Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023 Is Next Month And We Have All Of The Details

If you are a Starbucks fan, it’s safe to say that you are keeping an ear out for the Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023! I worked at Starbucks for over a decade and this is one of the craziest days of the year for SURE. Every year, during the launch of the Christmas drink specials, Starbucks hosts a day where they give out special cups each year with any purchase of a holiday beverage!

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These cups cannot be purchased in stores, and will not be available any other day of the year. They are truly one of a kind. So much so, that some people get up between 4-5am just to ensure they get one! So when is it and what should you expect?

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Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023

Many sources are already saying that this year’s date is November 16th! They have gotten this information from different baristas sources. I went ahead and took the liberty of looking myself, and it is indeed the date that the Store Managers have set up within their calendars. This is not super well known information yet, so mark your calendars and get your running shoes on!

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As for the cup design, that hasn’t been released yet. But you better bet I will be keeping an eye out. Last year, they dropped the hint of the century by placing the cup design as the Starbucks App background two weeks before the release! They could do that again, or we may have a sneaky barista snag a picture for us. Either way, we will be keeping an eye out!

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My favorite year so far has to be the ugly Christmas sweater design! I still have two of them to this day! What are you hoping to see on the Starbucks Red Cup Day 2023? Be sure to have your favorite holiday beverage picked out to get along with your free cup and we will update you as we can!

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