13 Adorable Mountain Woodland Nursery Ideas You Will Want To Use

When I was pregnant with my first child, I knew that I wanted to create a Mountain Woodland Nursery. My husband and I went on our honeymoon to the Smoky Mountains and I had fallen in love with that theme idea ever since!

I was absolutely shocked when I realized that this wasn’t a common nursery theme! Yes, woodland creatures has been a popular theme for awhile, but that included more of a light colored wooded area with racoons, squirrels, foxes, owls, and bunnies. That theme was running rampant ALL over Pinterest. But that wasn’t what I was searching for…

Photo Credit: SonjaSchweigerArt

For me, I was looking for more of the mountain range of creatures mixed in with the others. Bears and moose, along with a more mountain background with pines was the overall theme I was going for. So I took it upon myself to create my own vision by pasting a bunch of ideas together to achieve it. And I did! Granted, it was 2016, and there is soooo much more available now to access the perfect woodland nursery, but I did the best with what I had!

Now that my little man is about to turn 7, I took a moment to look at all of the woodland items available today and I am BLOWN away. How I wish some of these creative items were around when I made my son’s nursery. But not to fear, I am here to help you get the perfect mountain woodland themed nursery ideas for you, so that you don’t have to try quite as hard. I mean, you ARE growing a human (or planning to) and that’s a job within itself!

Mountain Woodland Nursery Theme Ideas

Photo Credit: ChilDreams

1. Mountain Woodland Baby Mobile

I have been seeing less and less mobiles in nursery and it makes me sad. I honestly love the of them! This is the perfect mixture for a mountain theme with woodland creatures! There are many amazing mobiles on Etsy to check out but this one from ChilDreams is my personal favorite!

Photo Credit: WildcombDesigns

2. Forest Wooden Name Sign

I LOVE the details in this. Many parents want to showcase their new baby’s name in their nursery and this is the perfect way to fit in the decor theme as well! This customized wall hanging can be found at WildcombDesigns!

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

3. Baby Mushroom Baskets

These Baby Mushroom Baskets with lids are the perfect addition to any woodlands themed nursery! This is such a cute way to store toys without the visibility, and the baskets fit in so well with the overall look in these neutral colors. You can find these at Project Nursery!

Photo Credit: ThreeArrowsCo

4. Forest Animal Closet Dividers

Closet dividers were a godsend to me as a new mother. Pre-planning and organizing clothes was therapeutic for me. Keeping the theme throughout the room, even in the closet was important to me. These dividers are the perfect way to extend that woodlands feel! You can find these at ThreeArrowsCo!

Photo Credit: BenjiandBear

5. You Are Our Greatest Adventure Wall Hanging

I love this saying, especially when it comes to nurseries. This woodland background, paired with this quote is the perfect addition for a woodland themed nursery! You can find this specific sign at BenjiandBear!

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

6. Mountain Wallpaper Mural

One thing every nursery could use is a wall mural. Something about it just brings everything together. And for a mountain woodland nursery theme, what better wall mural than literal mountains? You can find this beautiful mural at Project Nursery.

Photo Credit: Amazon

7. Pine Tree Nursery Crib Sheets

Crib sheets are one of the easiest ways to show off your nursery theme. They’re affordable, interchangeable, and your little one will spend plenty of time on them. These Pine Tree Crib Sheets from Amazon are the perfect fit! 

Photo Credit: FoothillsWoodCo

8. Mountain Shelf Wall Hanging

I am a sucker for wall shelves! Any utilization of wall space is a yes for me! These Mountain Wall Shelves from FoothillsWoodCo are so beautiful and go along with the theme so well!

Photo Credit: Amazon

9. Mountain Bear Wall Hanging

I am in love with this look! You have deer within a forest within a bear! All the things you need to make a Mountain Woodland Nursery work! You can find this beautiful wall hanging on Amazon

Photo Credit: Amazon

10. Woodland Creatures Muslin Blankets

Muslin blankets with a newborn was a lifesaver for me! They are the best for swaddling and it’s lightweight material so they don’t get too stuffy for your little ones. So be sure to grab these in your adorable nursery theme to go along with everything else! You can find these on Amazon

Photo Credit: RenaeAndKae

11. Mountain Teddy Bear Lovey

I love loveys! Both of my kids had one as a baby and still cherish them. I find that having one of these for your little ones can create such a lasting memory. I love these little teddy bears with the mountain bellies to go along with this theme. You can find this at RenaeAndKae!

Photo Credit: Amazon

12. Plush White-Tail Deer Rug

I personally decided to skip this look in my nursery, but these rugs seem to be a fan favorite! The bear rug is the most known but this deer rug is just so cute! You can purchase these on Amazon! 

Photo Credit: KolibelkaMobilka

13. Woodland Creature Felt Toy Set

Even at a very young age, your little one will want to explore and play. These cute little felt woodland creatures are the perfect addition to get them started! You can purchase these at KolibelkaMobilka.

Photo Credit: Project Nursery

No matter which route you decide to take or what theme you go with, as long as your baby is happy and healthy, that’s all that matters!

What nursery theme would you like to see us cover next on The Chaotic Norm?

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