Hello Kitty Strawberry Goldfish Are Hitting The Shelves For A 50th Anniversary

I cannot get over how amazing Goldfish has become with their marketing skills! Between the constant new flavors and collaborations with huge brands, they are on FIRE!

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Hello Kitty Strawberry Goldfish

This time, Goldfish has partnered with Hello Kitty to create these adorable Hello Kitty Strawberry Goldfish to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hello Kitty! This is right after the came out with the Buddy the Elf Maple Syrup Goldfish over the holidays! They are on such a roll!

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Not only do these come with adorable Hello Kitty shaped Goldfish, but the strawberry flavor just takes it up an entire new notch! They are so cute, I almost want to collect them!

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After trying their cupcake flavor and maple syrup flavor, I am beyond excited to try this new strawberry flavor! They are supposed to start hitting shelves at the end of the month in local grocery stores!

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Are you going to give this limited edition Hello Kitty Strawberry Goldfish a try? I know I am for sure! My kids love goldfish, my daughter loves Hello Kitty, and I love special edition items so its a win, win, win! If you give it a try, let us know what you think!

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