Forget Beautiful Flowers, Chicken Nugget Bouquets Are The New Trend

Valentine’s Day is upon us and there’s flowers everywhere…unless you don’t want there to be. Because Chicken Nugget Bouquets are a thing, and you should totally ask for one!

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Chicken Nugget Bouquets

If your girlie (or man) is a chicken nuggy fiend, this could possibly steal their heart for all eternity. And if they like flowers, just mix the two in together, because honestly, it looks like a masterpiece!

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Obviously, you’ll have to time the delivery a little better, because flowers can last longer than nuggets. But it’s worth it to give your person the Chicken Nugget Bouquet of their dream!

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And if your person likes a bit of spice, most restaurants that sell chicken nuggets have a spicy version! You can also incorporate their favorite dipping sauces into the bouquet as well!

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So get your true love something they actually want this Valentine’s day, a bouquet overflowing with all the chicken nuggets they could dream of.

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