These Bridgerton Coffee Creamers Are Sure To Make You Feel Fancier With Just One Sip

I absolutely love it when different food products come out with a special themed product. So these Bridgerton Coffee Creamers peaked my interest immediately!

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Bridgerton Coffee Creamers

If you’re anything like me, you were instantly obsessed with the Bridgerton series when it first appeared. As an avid Jane Austen fan, this series was an amazing likeness that I needed! So I am welcoming the food themed Bridgerton products with open arms!

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There are two different flavors of creamers that come with this theme: Berries and Cream (que the jingle) and English Toffee. I personally can’t wait to try the English Toffee flavor! It sounds amazing!

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As for the Berries and Cream flavor, it sounds delicious, but I personally don’t like fruit flavoring with my coffee drinks. But I feel like that is a personal preference. I’ll definitely still be trying it out of curiousity!

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These should already have hit shelves and be available in most grocery stores. But, as usual, it’s limited edition, so stock up fast!

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Which of these two creamers are you most excited to try? Let us know on social media, and if you do try them, show off your pictures and tag us!

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