6 Ideas For How To Make The Perfect Boo Basket For Your Significant Other

If you haven’t heard of Boo Basket yet, you apparently haven’t been on TikTok recently. Every few videos I see have ideas, inspirations, or pleadings for boyfriends and husbands to catch the drift that we all desperately want a Boo Basket this year.

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The Boo Basket trend started a few years ago in our family, but was geared specifically towards our kids. I would pick out some of their favorite goodies, as well as some Halloween surprises, and put together their baskets for the season. But now, us grown women want one too. Badly.

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So for you men out there that are clueless as to what it takes to make an amazing Boo Basket, I am here to help! Here are 6 ideas on how to make the perfect Boo Basket!

How To Make The Perfect Boo Basket

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1. Blankets

I can not stress on how much women like blankets. I have at least 10 and I want more. Blankets make us feel safe and secure and you should too. So get her a blanket. Bonus points if the blanket matches the holiday theme and is in either her color preference or favorite Halloween icon (pumpkin, ghosts, black cats, etc). I added some ideas below!

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2. Chocolate

You should have already known this was coming. We love our chocolate. But all women are not the same, so if you aren’t sure what satisfies her sweet tooth yet, figure it out. I personally am a dark chocolate fan myself, but can’t stand milk chocolate, so it’s important to know what her comfort treats are.

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3. Pampering Items

De-stressing is a must! Giving your girl some self-pampering items so she can unwind and relax is never a bad idea. Here are some pampering ideas for her Boo Basket:

  • Bath Bomb
  • Bath Salts
  • Face Mask
  • Bath Robe
  • Sugar Scrub
  • Face Roller

4. Coffee Mug

How else is she supposed to drink all of her fall flavors drinks this season? You can get cute Halloween cups in the form of a ghost, pumpkin, or even one that has fall leaves or something witchy on it. Throw in her favorite coffee to brew or a Starbucks gift card for bonus points!

5. Socks/Slippers

A cute pair of cozy fall socks or slippers is exactly what she will need to curl up on the couch to watch her favorite Halloween movie. It all depends on what she prefers to wear around the house. Comfort is key!

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6. Candles

Just like with blankets, you can never have enough candles. And fall candles are top tier. There’s just something about fall scented candles that gets you into the seasonal spirit so quickly! Plus, there are so many amazing scents to chose from!

As always, take what your significant other likes into account. If any of these items are something they don’t seem to have interest in, leave it out. Know something that she would absolutely love? Make sure to add it. In the end, all that matters is that you are showing her how much she means to you. And that’s just….boo-tiful. (sorry, couldn’t help myself!)

Make these Boo Baskets your new holiday tradition and spend every year getting to know her better and giving her all the goodies she deserves!

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